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Many in the water industry specialise in the likes of risk assessments, sampling and monitoring, yet few on actual remediations.  Our sole focus of water system remedial works (actually fixing things) sets us apart from your typical water treatment company: we fill the gaps in quality that others can't. Since our formation in 2011, we've kept both our customers and safety at the heart of everything we do. Our pure focus on eliminating system risks, as opposed to just identifying them, has led us to be the UK's leading specialists in this area, allowing us to work with some of the UK’s top facilities management groups and blue chip companies. Equipped with expert divisions from London up to Scotland, we're on hand to deliver cost-effective solutions for any water system. Throughout our years of operating, we've gained vast experience across many industries including Retail, Government, Healthcare, Nuclear, Industrial, Residential Care, Prisons and Education. So, if you're after a trusted contractor to resolve all your current risks, get in touch!

Your Risks, Our Priority.
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Adding Value To Your Supply Chain

With over 50 years of water management experience, we know what it takes to get the job done right. Throughout our history, Titan have become trusted partners for some of the UK's leading Facilities Management and blue-chip companies. Here are some of the clients that have benefited from our renowned expertise.

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Our Customer Journey

An Unrivalled Customer Experience

The 'why' of our business model is based on the reduction of water system spend over time. Many in the water industry focus purely on the areas just needed to comply, but it's rare you get a contractor that specialises in mitigating actual risks. Whilst coming at an initial cost, carrying out these will decrease your expenditure on the likes of risk assessments and monitoring in the long-run, therefore making them cost-effective. At Titan Mechanical Services, quality customer service is at the heart of everything we do. From fast turnarounds, to photographic completion reports and site-specific risk assessments, we've developed systems that deliver an unrivalled customer experience. Our approach to H&S, compliance and quality are all highly accredited, ensuring our clients receive consistent, professional levels of service at all stages of a project. Learn more from our 'Why Titan' page today!

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Success Stories

See evidence of our expertise through our Titan case studies, where we showcase our expertise in delivering exceptional remedial solutions to minimise water system risk. At Titan, we take pride in our commitment to ensuring safe and efficient water systems for our clients. Our case studies offer a glimpse into the challenges we've faced and the innovative strategies we've employed to address them. Explore how our dedicated team has successfully tackled complex water system issues, delivering reliable results and peace of mind to our valued customers.

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