Air Handling Units

Titan Mechanical Services is the UK's leading tank relining, repair and refurbishment provider. Our in house team offers water system expertise nationwide, delivering air handling unit relining, repair and refurbishment throughout the UK from our base near Liverpool. Our comprehensive turnkey delivery model includes dedicated project management and operational teams with years of experience in all relining services. We also offer a full suite of mechanical water treatment services including water tank replacement, dosing pot installation, removal of dead leg piping and any other water system works required at your facility. Contact us for more information about air handling unit relining and repair, or get a quick quote from our team.

What is the function of an air handling unit?

Air handling units (often called AHU's) are devices used to regulate and condition air as part of a heating, cooling and ventillation system. Often used by large facilities, they take in outside air and condition it to provide fresh air to the rooms, or re-circulate a proportion of air within a building to produce fresh air.  

Why does my system requie air handling unit relining and repair?

Air handling units have a number of components which can require maintenance. As they are usually large, it is most usually easier and cheaper to repair and refurbish the system, rather than installing a new air handling unit. Coils, fans, motors, sensors, shafts and bearings, and pipes in an air handling unit can all require repair.

Air handling unit relining

Over time small water leaks, a build up of sediment through regular use and the wear of previous coating can mean that pipes, drain pans and floors in your air handling unit may require relining.

Air handling unit coils

Evaporator coils can over time accumulate dirt and debris. This build up of contaminants can prevent your system from cooling properly, and also lead to a higher risk of bacteria growth. If the coils in your air handling unit require replacement, your facilities manager may notice the system is not cooling properly.

Air handling unit motor

Just as the coils in your air handling unit may experience a build up of dirt over time, the motor may do so too. With age air handling unit motors may get a build up of dirt and sediment. The motor may also rust. 

Air handling unit fans

Fans in air handling units work on a continual motion. This means that occasionally this particular component may need replacing due to general wear and tear. 



What is the difference between an air handling unit and an air conditioning unit?

Although they sound similar, air conditioning units and air handling units have completely different primary functions.

How an air handling unit works:

The primary function of an air handling unit is to 'handle' air. Air handling units only move air around to recirculate it. The primary fuction of an air conditioning unit is to cool air.

How an air conditioning unit works:

Air conditioning units cool the air by taking in outdoor air and cooling it by taking it over evaporator coils. 

Do you offer air handling unit repair near me?

Our in house team offers all of our mechanical services nationwide, this includes any air handling unit relining or air handling unit repair projects.  

Is my air handling unit at risk of Legionella bacteria?

If your air handling unit isn't working as it should, this can be a sign that your system is at an increased risk of Legionella bacteria due to issues including a build up of dirt or rust. Please feel free to call or email us at Titan Mechanical Services with your questions.

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