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What is Chemical Cleaning?

Chemical cleaning offers an effective method to cleanse a water system of unwanted contaminants. Chemical cleaning refers also to purifying or disinfecting the water in a system. 

Over time closed systems, hot water cylinders, heat exchangers and other equipment accumulate a build-up of unwanted contaminants that can cause damage to the system, or lead to an increased Legionella risk. 

Chemical cleaning is regarded as amongst the most effective cleaning methods for water systems. It is useful for both newly built systems which require cleaning to prevent residual contamination from causing damage, or for use in systems currently in operation to remove scale and other contaminants from walls and surfaces.  


Why Chemical Cleaning is Important

The maintenance of hot and cold water systems is an essential part of building management. Chemical cleaning is important for both new and operational systems for two main reasons; functionality and Legionella risk management. This is because chemical cleaning is used as a method to protect and maintain a water system, and also to prevent increased risk of Legionella and other bacteria. 

Chemical Cleaning for System Maintenance. In new systems, residual contamination and grease can cause damage to new equipment or become a contaminant in your supply. Chemical cleaning will remove this risk protecting both equipment and supply.

Chemical Cleaning for Legionella Prevention. Older water systems, or systems already in use require chemical cleaning to remove scale or other contaminants that have deposited in a system; on the inner walls or surface. These deposits can affect the flow of water or heat within a system. 

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How does Chemical Cleaning Prevent Increased Legionella Risk?

Chemical cleaning contributes to managing the risk of Legionella and other bacteria by preventing or removing a build-up of hard scale and soft deposits. Calcium and magnesium deposits are the most common cause of hard, dense deposits in a system. These deposits act as insulators which effect the efficiency of the systems, as well as providing the perfect environment for the proliferation of bacteria

Soft and porous deposits act as a contaminant because they are easily dissolved into the system, thus leading to water contamination and erosion of the internal walls and surfaces. Eventually this erosion also leads to further contamination. 


Types of Chemical Cleaning

There are three main types of chemical cleaning.

Acid cleaning. Acid cleaning is usually used on equipment such as hot water cylinders, closed systems, cooling towers and condensers. It refers to the use of a low concentration of acid to remove a build-up of scale from the inside walls and surfaces of this equipment. The acids used for this process also help to prevent or slow future scale and oxide build up, and also further corrosion.

Biocide cleaning. Chlorine dioxide is often used as a biocide wash. Biocide cleaning is a preventative method which helps to control the spread of Legionella and other bacteria in pipework. It is often used in new systems, although it is also suitable for systems currently in use.

Polymer cleaning. Polymer cleaning is used to break down large deposits of scale or sediment. The particles of residue can then be flushed down the drain. 

 Your Engineer will recommend the best chemical cleaning for your system. You can also get more information by calling or emailing the team at Titan Mechanical.

Do you offer Chemical Cleaning near me?

Yes, our expert team of mobile Engineers offer chemical cleaning nationwide, from our base near Liverpool. 


Why Choose Titan Mechanical for Chemical Cleaning?

At Titan Mechanical Services we offer a comprehensive range of water treatment equipment services and closed system water treatment services. We are experts in water treatment services and Legionella control, with unrivalled experience and an excellent industry reputation. Our engineers who carry out chemical cleaning have extensive experience in this field.  


50 years experience

Our team of experts have over 50 years of combined experience, bringing a thorough knowledge of the industry and unrivalled expertise in dealing with a variety of water systems.

Highly Accredited

We are proud to have been accredited to the highest standard for all our services. Please visit our homepage to see a full list of accreditations.

Full suite of services

In addition to the planned remedial work and water system maintenance, we also carry out tank refurbishment and tank reline services that are cost effective and completed to a very high standard.

Nationwide coverage

With a Head Office based near Liverpool, we have teams working up and down the country and have the capacity to carry out Legionella remedial works in the South and South East England, North West, Midlands, South East England, and Wales, North, North East, and Scotland.

How much is chemical cleaning?

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