Cooling Towers & Evaporative Condensers

Titan Mechanical Services is the UK's leading specialist in the relining and repair of cooling towers and evaporative condensers. Our in house team operates nationwide, delivering cooling tower relining and refurbishment projects on an extensive range of systems. Our comprehensive turnkey delivery model includes dedicated project management and operational teams with years of experience in all relining services. We also offer a full suite of mechanical water treatment services including chemical cleaning, softener servicing, removal of dead leg piping and any other water system works required at your facility. Contact us for more information about cooling tower reline and repair, or get a quick quote from our team.



What is a cooling tower?

Cooling towers are used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. They provide an energy efficient and lower cost functionality for systems in need of cooling. 

Legionella through cooling towers

Cooling towers pose a greater Legionella risk than many other components in your water system. It is therefore important that they are regularly maintained and serviced. The risk of Legionella to users and employees within your facility is maximised when areas of your cooling tower begin to degrade or corrode. The most common way Legionella bacteria is passed to humans is through man-made water systems which are able to spread the bacteria through the air, making cooling towers high risk systems when considering Legionella prevention. Legionella bacteria will thrive in any area under-maintained or neglected, where the water is warm, stagnant and where it is possible for it to become aerosolised (spread into the air). Cooling towers are a primary concern when it comes to Legionella prevention as they often contain the perfect conditions for Legionella bacteria to breed, and then subsequently released into the local atmosphere. Appropriate and professional cleaning, disinfection and maintenance of cooling towers are required to control the risk of Legionella.

How much does cooling tower repair cost?

Please get in touch with our team or visit our 'Get a quote' page for more information about cooling towers and Legionella prevention.

Do you offer cooling tower repair near me?

Yes, we offer cooling tower repair near you. Our engineers operate nationwide from our base near Liverpool. 

Is my cooling tower at risk of Legionella?

 When a cooling tower is in need of maintenance and at risk of Legionella bacteria growing, limescale and other buld up mat form inside the tower. This is an indication that your cooling tower may need servicing.

More Water Treatment Services from Titan Mechanical Services

We offer a full suite of Legionella remedial works to control Legionella risk. Please get in touch with our mechanical services team for more information.

Other Mechanical Services

  • Dosing pot installation

  • Chemical cleaning

  • Chemical dosing

  • Balance flushing



More cooling towers and Legionella prevention

We offer a range of water treatment services for your facilities. We are able to undertake several water treatment services as part of one project, as well as servicing your cooling tower. 


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50 years experience

Our team of experts have over 50 years of combined experience, bringing a thorough knowledge of the industry and unrivalled expertise in dealing with a variety of water systems.

Highly Accredited

We are proud to have been accredited to the highest standard for all our services. Please visit our homepage to see a full list of accreditations.

Full suite of services

In addition to the planned remedial work and water system maintenance, we also carry out tank refurbishment and tank reline services that are cost effective and completed to a very high standard.

Nationwide coverage

With a Head Office based near Liverpool, we have teams working up and down the country and have the capacity to carry out Legionella remedial works in the South and South East England, North West, Midlands, South East England, and Wales, North, North East, and Scotland.

How much is this service?

Working to the highest British standard in all water treatment services.

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