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Cooling Tower Lining - Our Latest Project

Cooling towers play a critical role in various industries; ensuring efficient heat transfer and maintaining optimal operating conditions. However, over time, these essential structures can experience deterioration due to harsh operating conditions, chemical exposure, and the constant presence of water. To prolong the lifespan and enhance the performance of cooling towers, implementing a cooling tower lining project becomes imperative. In this blog post, you'll see how Titan Mechanical Services apply cooling tower lining, which is supported with a 10 year guarantee for all. The image below displays the conditions of this cooling tower prior to it's reline.

Old Cooling Tower Sump

Cooling Tower Lining Prep

Upon arrival at the location, we proceeded to empty the cooling tower. Subsequently, our tasks commenced with surface preparation, encompassing the tightening of all reachable bolts, evaluating and fixing mastic joints as needed, and abrading all surfaces to attain a surface profile of roughly 75 microns.

Cooling tower lining prep

Cooling Tower Lining Stripe Coat

After preparing all inner surfaces, our engineers applied our own WRAS-approved reline product using a brush to effectively seal all joints, edges, bolt heads, struts, and other protruding areas. This ensured the secure protection of these high-risk zones and facilitated the creation of a seamless membrane during the subsequent coating process.

cooling tower lining stripe coat

Cooling Tower Lining Process

The product was subsequently applied using a roller to coat all internal surfaces, ensuring a minimum wet film thickness of 500 microns. After allowing the initial coating to set, an additional lining was applied using a roller to all internal surfaces, again achieving a minimum wet film thickness of 500 microns. This process aimed to achieve a desired total coating thickness of 1000 microns on all internal surfaces.

Cooling tower lining

Need Expert Support For Your Cooling Tower?

If you have a cooling tower in need of a new lining or a general repair, then we're here to help. All of our relines are backed with a 10-year guarantee, as a testament to the quality of our product. Titan operate through 5 project hubs spread throughout the UK, meaning we can respond quickly to your enquiry and send an experienced member of our engineering team to survey your cooling tower free of charge. Click the link to view our cooling tower services page and kickstart your journey with Titan Mechanical Services today!

cooling tower sump lining


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