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Another Year: Another LCA Membership Renewal!

Titan are proud to have been members of the Legionella Control Association since 2017 and this year is no different. The Legionella Control Association (LCA) membership is challenging to obtain due to its rigorous assessment process. Prospective members must demonstrate their expertise and competence in Legionella control and water system remediation through comprehensive evaluations of their Quality Management Systems (QMS), staff qualifications, risk assessment, record-keeping practices, compliance with regulations and industry standards, health and safety protocols, customer service, and commitment to continuous improvement.

The LCA's strict criteria and high standards ensure that only contractors with a proven track record of excellence and adherence to industry best practices become members, making the membership a symbol of trust and reliability in the field of Legionella control.

Scroll to learn the what you can expect from a water remedial works contractor with an LCA membership, like Titan Mechanical Services.

LCA Certificate
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Demonstrated Compliance with Regulations

As a water system remedial works contractor, we operate within a heavily regulated industry. The LCA is a leading authority that sets guidelines and standards for controlling the risk of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens. By renewing our LCA membership, we can showcase our dedication to complying with industry regulations and best practices.

Proved Expertise and Competence

Obtaining and renewing LCA membership is not an easy task. It involves rigorous assessments, audits, and validations of the contractor's procedures and practices related to Legionella control and water system remediation. The renewal of our LCA membership certifies that we've demonstrated our expertise and competence in handling waterborne pathogen risks effectively.

The Latest Industry Insights and Training

Our LCA membership offers access to valuable industry insights, updates, and ongoing training opportunities. As a member, we can stay informed about the latest advancements in water system remediation techniques and Legionella control measures. This ensures they remain at the forefront of our practices, allowing us to deliver the most effective solutions to our clients.

Trust and Reputation

By renewing our LCA membership, we reinforce our commitment to operating with integrity, transparency, and reliability. This strengthens our reputation as a trusted contractor and has allowed us to support some of the UK's leading blue-chip companies and Facilities Management groups.

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