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Water Tank Refurbishment Works - London

Titan were back down in London last week to investigate a pair of float valve failures, on behalf of one of our on-going facilities management clients. As a testament to our nationwide responsiveness, our engineers were on site four hours after the enquiry and new drop arm float valves were installed within 12 hours of attendance. Seemingly, this project was nothing out of the ordinary, this was until one of the team discovered a leak coming from the front of one of the cold water storage tanks...

Initially, it was clear that the cold water tanks tie bar was damaged, however further investigation was required to find out all the needed tank repairs. Upon additional observation, we found that the tanks front plinth was made of concrete slabs that were brittle and, over time, had dropped in the middle. As a result, this caused the tank to be unsupported at the front and inevitably, weeps had appeared, causing the 18mm plywood to rot.

After talking further with the Site Manager, we found that the plywood was used to level the front of the tank, as it matched the size as the concrete plinth's dimensions and had not been levelled accurately compared to the rest of the water tank support base. To provide the most optimal long-term solution, a full tank and base replacement would have been recommended. Although, due to our clients limited budget restraints, this was not possible. Therefore, we offered a solution to remove the concrete plinth and replace it with a steel beam that would fit level with the tank.

To keep the water moving whilst the project was carried out, our highly trained Engineers installed a temporary mains bypass. Once all tank repairs had been executed, a specialist cleaning and disinfection process was carried out across both tanks, removing any remaining waterborne bacteria or parasites. On behalf of our client, the tanks were then filled, recommissioned and placed into service.


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