Water tank replacement

Titan Mechanical Services is a leading service provider in the water treatment industry. We offer a comprehensive range of services associated with maintaining commercial water systems, including water tank replacement and other solutions.

Whether a water tank replacement has been recommended via a Legionella Risk Assessment, or a change in your system requires the installation of a new tank, our friendly team of experts can help.

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Why do I need water tank replacement?

As water tanks become older or suffer the effects of regular daily use they can deteriorate. This ageing process can mean that your entire water system is at risk to the threat of Legionella.

Water tanks deteriorate and need replacement for many different reasons. But mainly due to corrosion and wear and tear of the lining of the tank or the components and parts on the tank (seals and joints). When this happens, you should always act as quickly as possible. Sometimes it is possible to repair the tank, but if the ageing is too severe; water tank replacement may be the only option.

The deterioration of components and seals/ joints can create the perfect environment for Legionella bacteria to grow and breed.

If the water tank repair is in its early stages, it may be possible to reline or repair your tank.

How much does water tank replacement cost?

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Do you offer water tank replacement near me?

Our engineers operate nationwide from our base near Liverpool, we can carry our water tank replacement throughout the country. 

More Legionella and water treatment services

We offer a full suite of Legionella remedial works to control Legionella risk. Please get in touch with our mechanical services team for more information.

Other Mechanical Services

  • TMV installation

  • Chemical cleaning

  • RPZ testing

  • Water tank relining

Legionella through water tanks

If conditions are right, Legionella can thrive in a water tank that needs replacement or repair. Here is a brief list of why it is important to replace or repair a water tank in need of maintenance.

  • Water tanks hold stagnant water by nature

In water storage tanks there will always be a certain level of stagnation, as the tanks store water. However reducing the amount of water stored stagnatly can help to control the risk of Legionella

  • Minimise limescale and bacteria growth

Water storage tanks are prone to limescale development and bacterial growth. When allowed to stagnate or left uncleaned; rust, sediment and limescale can grow. This creates the perfect environment for Legionella to breed. To control the risk of Legionella in your water tank, clean and maintain it regularly.

  • Wear and tear

Components on your water tank can develop rust and other metallic reactions over time. These processes feed Legionella and allow it to grow.

Reduce the risk of sagnant water by ensuring the water tank is used regularly, ensuring that your water tank the right size for your building and not too big and also carrying out regular mainenance such as professional cleaning.


More about Titan

We offer a range of water treatment services for your facilities. We are able to undertake several water treatment services as part of one project, as well as servicing your cooling tower. 


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How much is water tank replacement?

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