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Galvanised Steel Water Tank

Galvanised Water Tank Services

If you encounter a compliance or functionality issue with your galvanised water tank, then we've got you covered. From new installations to maintenance and repairs, our expensive Engineers carry the competence to provide a quality galvanised water tank service every time. We operate throughout the United Kingdom, with a rich history of supporting some of the nations leading Facilities Management companies with the likes of galvanised water tank replacements and galvanised water tank lining projects. For any reline, we utilise our own WRAS-approved polyurethane solution and offer a 10-year guarantee as a testament to the quality of our product. Despite having a protective zinc coating, galvanised steel can become susceptible to metal substrate breakdowns and internal corrosion, which can leads to leaks within your galvanised cold water storage tank. If this applies to you, then we also specialise in galvanised tank leak repairs and can install leak prevention alarms to grant an effective leakage prevention measure. Want to know more? Our team are just a quick phone call away to offer you more information on our relining, replacement and repair services for galvanised steel water tanks.

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How Do You Repair A Leaking Galvanised Water Tank?

Determine the source of the leak by visually inspecting the tank and feeling for wet spots. Clean the area around the leak thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris that may interfere with the repair and sand the edges of the leak to create a smooth surface and remove any rust. Then, apply a rust-inhibiting primer to the area around the leak and let it dry, followed by a patch. Once the patch has been applied, apply another coat of primer, let it dry and coat the entirety of the tank with a WRAS-approved solution.​​

How Do You Stop A Galvanised Water Tank From Rusting?

Here are some ways to prevent a galvanised steel water tank from rusting:

  1. Keep the tank clean and dry

  2. Paint the tank internally with polyurethane

  3. Install a liner

  4. Control the water quality

  5. Regular maintenance

How Much Does A Galvanised Water Tank Replacement Cost?

The cost of replacing a galvanised water tank is dependent on the required size of the tank, the type of steel and thickness of the material, the sites location  and any installation costs. At Titan, we provide a cost-effective solution for any issue, so get in touch today! All galvanised tanks that we replace are fully compliant with all UK regulations, including the BS 1564:1975 Specification, making them suitable for potable water supply.

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The team on the day were very cooperative, professional and efficient. The job was completed quickly and all RAMS and CS entry procedures were adhered too. The information requests before the work commenced were all answered quickly and in full. A great service was seen from Titan from start to finish.

David Sutcliffe, Contract & Compliance Manager, EQUANS 

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