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Flexible Water Pipe

Flexi Hose Services

Do you have a flexible water pipe in need of repair? Or do you have a series of Non-WRAS approved hoses in need of replacement following a recent legionella risk assessment? Not to worry, Titan are available throughout the UK to provide a bespoke solution for your flexible tap connector issues. In accordance with the British Standard BS 6920 and Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999, we can supply and install flexible water pipes that excel in both compliance and mitigating risk. If you're experiencing issues with your flexi hoses, such as leaks or bursting, it's crucial to get them repaired or replaced as soon as possible to prevent water damage and ensure the safety of system users. As a nationwide contractor, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness to all client flexi hose problems and can quickly attend your facility to inspect your flexible water pipes. So, don't wait around to get a response from your average contractor, get in touch with the experts at Titan Mechanical Services today.

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What Are Flexi Hoses?

Flexi hoses, also known as flexible water connectors or braided hoses, are used to connect water supply pipes to appliances or fixtures. They are made of flexible materials such as rubber or plastic and are designed to bend and flex without breaking.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Flexi Hoses?

Flexi hoses offer several benefits, such as easy installation, flexibility, and the ability to absorb vibrations and movements. They are also less expensive than traditional plumbing materials such as copper or steel pipes and can be easily replaced or repaired.

The lifespan of flexi hoses varies depending on the quality of the materials, the frequency of use, and the level of maintenance. Generally, flexi hoses are expected to last between 5-10 years.

How Long Do Flexi Hoses Last?

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The team on the day were very cooperative, professional and efficient. The job was completed quickly and all RAMS and CS entry procedures were adhered too. The information requests before the work commenced were all answered quickly and in full. A great service was seen from Titan from start to finish.

David Sutcliffe, Contract & Compliance Manager, EQUANS 

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