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Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfections

Are you in need of an expert water tank cleaning service? At Titan, we specialise in water storage tank cleaning throughout the United Kingdom, delivering quality for all we serve. We offer comprehensive water tank cleaning solutions that include inspection, disinfection, and sludge removal to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other harmful contaminants that can build up over time. An annual water tank clean is a fundamental process for achieving clean and safe drinking water. The longer these water hygiene measures are ignored, the greater the risk becomes for users contracting potentially fatal illnesses like legionaires disease. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch to speak with our team of experienced professionals and schedule your water tank clean today.

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How Often Does My Water Tank Need Cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning water storage tanks depends on several factors, including:

  • The source of the water being stored (e.g. municipal or well water)

  • The level of contaminants present in the water

  • The type of tank (e.g. plastic water tanks or steel water tanks)

  • The temperature of the water

  • The length of time the water has been stored

As a general rule, water storage tanks should be cleaned at least once a year. However, in accordance with ACOP L8 (HSG 274 Part 2), an inspection per annum is required.

How Much Does Your Water Tank Cleaning Cost?

The cost to clean a water tank can vary greatly depending on several factors such as the size of the tank, the location, the type of cleaning needed, and the company performing the cleaning. With a survey from one of our Engineering team, we can quickly and accurately determine the right price for your tank cleaning and disinfection.

What Are The Risks With My Unclean Water Tank?

An unclean water tank can pose health risks. Bacteria, algae, and other contaminants can multiply in stagnant water, leading to waterborne illnesses if consumed. Additionally, sediment or debris in the tank may affect the taste, odor, and color of the water. Regular cleaning of the water tank helps mitigate these risks and ensures a safe and clean water supply.

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The team on the day were very cooperative, professional and efficient. The job was completed quickly and all RAMS and CS entry procedures were adhered too. The information requests before the work commenced were all answered quickly and in full. A great service was seen from Titan from start to finish.

David Sutcliffe, Contract & Compliance Manager, EQUANS 

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