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Water Tank Flanged Drain

Water Tank Outlet Repair


In this project, the engineers at Titan were instructed to investigate faults with an outlet connection on a water tank, following a report in a recent legionella risk assessment. The sectional water tank fed the supply to a major supermarket, based in the North East of England, therefore a timely water tank repair was necessary to ensure this critical system could remain online.

cold water storage tank
Water Tank Cleaning

Cleaning The Water Tank

After executing a water tank clean and disinfection, our team of engineers determined that the leaks around the outlet could not be repaired, so a new outlet in a different location would be required. This meant the original outlet needed to be sealed both internally and externally with specialist products, before the new outlet could be installed.

Sealing The Previous Outlet 

Our team removed the old outlet connection, before applying a durable fibreglass sealant to fill the space where the previous outlet connection had been situated. Once set, an additional coating of WRAS approved polyurethane was applied to offer the long term protection needed for the repaired area.

tank cleaned and spray disinfected.jpeg
water tank outlet

Installing A New Tank Outlet

Our team then supplied and installed a new 1" flanged outlet, along with a lever isolation valve to support future maintenance. To complete the works, we refilled the tank to check for any potential leaks then and returned it into service.


"Thanks very much, the job ran very smoothly and our client is delighted with the final result. We will definitely be using your team on our next project."
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