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Titan Mechanical Services

Titan Mechanical Services is a renowned provider of specialised water remediation solutions customised for government facilities. With a 13 year history of supporting those who oversee water systems in these settings, we have become industry experts in assisting projects within major governmental and public service establishments. Equipped with 5 nationwide project hubs, our technicians possess extensive expertise and experience in water management, guaranteeing the utmost safety and compliance standards when undertaking projects. We are dedicated to delivering dependable and all-encompassing services that cater to the requirements of government environments, simplifying the responsibilities of facility managers. Rely on Titan Mechanical Services to optimise and eliminate risk from your water system.


How Can We Support Those In Government Facilities?

At Titan Mechanical Services, we go beyond mere risk elimination when it comes to government properties. Our commitment extends to actively providing solutions that not only reduce risks but also contribute to long-term cost savings. When managing the water systems of government facilities, it's common to allocate similar resources year after year for activities like risk assessments, monitoring, and sampling, despite having minimal impact on actual risk reduction. However, by investing in our bespoke remedial works, we aim to reduce your spend significantly in these other areas for the years ahead. With our expertise, you can expect a proactive approach that addresses risks while also reducing costs in other areas.


As a trusted contractor for government properties, we'll collaborate with you to ensure the safety of occupants, making water systems in government facilities as optimal as possible. Discover more about our core services by clicking the links below or get in touch with our experienced Planning Team to embark on a new journey with Titan.

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