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Titan Mechanical Services

Titan Mechanical Services is a trusted leader in specialised water system remedial services  for the retail industry. With over 50 years of combined water management experience, we have established ourselves as experts in supporting risk mitigation projects within some of the UK's largest retail facilities. Our team of dedicated professionals are rigorously trained the latest technological and regulatory changes, ensuring the highest standards of safety and compliance for retail establishments. We are fully committed to providing reliable and innovative solutions that meet the needs of retail environments, simplifying the responsibilities of retail facility managers. Rely on Titan Mechanical Services to optimise your water systems and maintain a clean, hygienic environment for the well-being of customers and staff members alike.


How Can We Support Those In Retail Facilities?

Titan Mechanical Services takes a comprehensive approach to risk mitigation in water systems, specifically tailored for retail properties. Our commitment extends beyond simply eliminating risks; we actively deliver solutions that generate long-term cost savings. When managing water system spend, it's common that similar resources are allocated year after year for activities like risk assessments, monitoring, and sampling, which have a minimal impact on actual risk reduction. However, by investing in our customised remedial works, you'll see your spend naturally fall in all these other areas. Our view is simple, risk is proportional to cost!

As a trusted water system contractor specialising in retail water systems, we'll collaborate with you to ensure the upmost safety of your customers and staff, creating a secure environment for shopping and business operations. Discover more about our core services by following the links below or reach out to our experienced Planning Team to embark on a new journey with Titan.

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