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cold water storage tank

New Water Tank Installation


The challenge in this case study was to decommission and replace a large galvanised steel water tank located on the roof of a building in Liverpool. The tank measured 5m x 2m x 2m and filled the entire space, making it difficult for our Engineers to manoeuvre. The location on the roof also made it challenging to remove waste and deliver new equipment.

old steel water tank
tank base

Dismantling The Old Water Tank

To start the project, the use of specialist access equipment was necessary to ensure safe access and exit from the work area. The old tank was then meticulously disassembled and taken off the site. After that, new loft boarding was put in place to provide a secure working surface and a stable base for the new tank.

Installing The New Water Tank

Once the new loft boarding was in place, the new water tank was reconnected to the main water supply and all the pipes were insulated. The tank was then recommissioned and put into operation, resulting in a compliant and WRAS-approved GRP water tank that was appropriately sized for the system it fed. The client was pleased with the turnaround times and overall outcome.

new water tank installation


The guys sent to site were very professional and carried out a first class removal and installation. Working within a school, they kept the work area extremely clean and tidy, overall extremely happy with the job from start to finish, highly recommended.
cold water tank replacement

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