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Dirty Water Tank

Water Hygiene Remedial Works


In this case study, the experts at Titan Mechanical were faced with a series of water hygiene remedial works, hollow support removals and valve replacements across three cold water storage tanks at a housing complex in Birmingham. A lack of previous maintenance and cleaning posed significant compliance issues across all three tanks. Our engineers began with the replacement of all hollow tank supports, due to their well-known association with stagnant water and the proliferation of Legionella.

CWST 2 pre support.jpeg
Water Tank Supports


To commence the first stage of these water hygiene remedial works, each cold water tank had new WRAS-approved solid internal supports installed to remove the risk and improve overall levels of compliance. Following this phase of the works, all tanks were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, before being returned to service.


We then carried out new drop arm ball valve replacements within two of the tanks, which had both been susceptible to overflowing issues in recent months. The previous valves were old and a lack of maintenance had caused their internal mechanisms to seize, so a full replacement was the logical choice.

CWST ball valve po.jpeg
Keraflow Valve


To finalise the works, a Keraflo float valve was installed on the third tank, which had been reported as being oversized for the system it fed. This functionality not only conserves water but also helps regulate water pressure and reduce energy costs, making Keraflo valves indispensable for various applications.


"Titan Mechanical Services provided  brand new support beams, valves and disinfections across various site tanks. All works were carried out in a timely and professional manner, would highly recommend."
keraflow valve

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