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Midlands Water Services

Leading The Way In Water System Expertise

Titan is a nationwide provider of engineering solutions for water hygiene and treatment, specializing in delivering projects of any size for the Midlands region of England. As a company which prioritises its responsiveness to all enquiries, we can survey your site and resolve any water system issues within a timeframe that suits you.  Through rigorous training, our engineers are able to uphold the highest standards of compliance and safety, offering a professional approach to your required remedial works. Whether you're in Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicestershire, Wolverhampton or Stoke-On-Trent, get in touch today to speak to our friendly and advisable planning team.

Water Tank Float Valve

Midlands Legionella Remedial Works

Wherever you're based in the Midlands region, we're on hand to provide cost-effective solutions that prevent legionella bacteria in your water system. After a legionella risk assessment, a list of necessary remedial actions is often complied to bring your systems back into compliance with HSE's ACOP L8. To provide unrivalled support with these remediations, our engineering team is highly trained in legionella prevention and risk mitigation, to manage your project both safely and professionally.

South West Backflow Prevention

Titan provides a multitude of services for protection against backflow contamination, including the installation of cat-5 tanks, RPZ valves and double check valve installations. If a risk from backflow contamination has been identified, our team is equipped to provide ongoing maintenance and testing schedules, who're approved by the WIAPS. To add, we'll also handle interactions with the local water authority on your behalf as a testament to our customer focused approach.

South West Water Tank Services 

If you have a cold water storage tank in the Midlands region that requires an immediate repair, reline or replacement, Titan are equipped with a team of experienced engineers that can breathe new life into any water retaining structure. With 10-years guarantees available on most relines and our famed approach to customer service, our team deliver a seamless and hassle-free experience to those we serve.

South West Hot Water Services

Titan offers a range of services for the installation, maintenance, and repair of hot water systems in the South West region. Throughout our history, we've worked with top facilities management companies and blue-chip companies on unvented and vented hot water system projects, excelling in both safety measures and project delivery. Whether prompted by a legionella risk assessment or simply seeking a refurbishment, Titan is available for a phone call to support any facility with their hot water needs.

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