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cold water storage tank

Cold Water Tank Replacement


Our client, a global facilities management company, approached us with the challenge of upgrading their water storage system. The scope of the project involved isolating, draining, and removing one cylinder and one GRP cold water storage tank from service. Additionally, the client required the installation of a new sectional GRP cold water storage tank, reconfiguration of the pipework to adapt to the new setup, insulation of the new pipework and a thorough cleaning and disinfection process upon completion.

old cold water storage tank
dismantling a cold water tank

Dismantling The Old Water Tank

The initial phase of the project involved isolating, draining, and removing one cylinder from service. This step also included reconfiguring the pipework to eliminate redundant sections, leaving two cylinders in use. Subsequently, we addressed the issues of the existing GRP cold water storage tank, which had suffered from over storage and gel coat failure. This old tank was successfully isolated, drained, and removed from service, meeting the client's requirements.

Installing The New Water Tank

The installation of the new WRAS-approved sectional GRP cold water storage tank marked a significant milestone in the project. The tank, measuring 2m x 1m x 1m, was supplied and installed according to the client's specifications. The pipework was then reconfigured to align with the new tank setup. To ensure optimal performance and efficiency, the new pipework was insulated using high-quality foil-back insulation.

during new tank build
newly installed cold water tank

Recommissioning The New Cold Water Tank

Upon the completion of the installation and pipework reconfiguration, our team executed a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection process for the new pipework. This critical step ensured that the water storage system met all hygiene standards and regulations. The entire system was labelled appropriately to facilitate ongoing monitoring and maintenance.


"The quality of the work was superb and we were delighted by the attitude and knowledge of the guys who came to site. Titan also have a good support team who communicate and advise very well. Happy to use again in the future."
cold water storage tank replacement

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