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Sprinkler Tank

Reline Of A Fire Sprinkler Tank


Titan were challenged with the internal reline this cylindrical fire sprinkler tank in Manchester, situated within a shopping centre. Since it’s initial construction 30 years ago, heavy corrosion had spread throughout the internals surfaces of the storage tank and failure to resolve matters would have posed a significant risk to the structural integrity of the tank. Moreover, the water tank had failed a recent insurance inspection, meaning an urgent response was needed by the team.

Corroded Sprinkler Tank
New Access Hatch

Ensuring Safe Access

Following the initial enquiry, a member of our engineering team surveyed the site and conducted a health & safety audit to determine the risks prior to the works commencing. Access to the tank was located at the top of the structure, and despite all of our engineers being qualified to work at heights, an alternative solution was recommended for ease of entry on this project, as well as future maintenance and inspections. A new low-level access hatch was therefore specified to enable safer access and egress.

Preparing The Reline

Once the inner surfaces had been abraded and prepared, the reline process could begin. To help eliminate the prospect of future leaks, a stripe coat was applied to all high-risk areas such as joints, bolt heads and edges. Following this, the engineers could begin the application of our own high-grade specialist polyurethane coating solution.

sprinkler tank
Relined Sprinkler Tank

Relining The Sprinkler Tank

Two layers of our polyurethane solution were applied to all areas within the tank, with each allowed to cure sufficiently to create a lasting bond. This solvent free coating has been WRAS approved and designed to offer excellent long-term protection against leaks and corrosion. On completion, the tank was refilled, treated with a water tank cleaning & disinfection and commissioned back into service. The client was presented with a shiny new tank backed by with a 10-year guarantee. Learn more about our sprinkler tank services and water tank relining today!


"Excellent customer service and extremely professional, they went above and beyond to get the reline done right. I couldn't recommend them higher."
relined sprinkler tank

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