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TMV & Flexi Hose Replacements

Replacing The Old Mixing Valves

In this case study, Titan supported one of its established facilities management customers with a large quantity of flexi hose installations and TMV replacements. Initially, our engineers were called in to carry out the annual TMV servicing. However, a multitude of valve failures and identified non-WRAS approved flexi hoses meant further remedials were required to maintain compliance. Phase one incorporated the removal of two non-compliant central TMV’s, replacing them with localised TMV’s throughout site.

hot water cylinder replacement

New TMV Installation

This stage included the replacement of eight 15mm central TMV’s, as well as the installation of various isolation valves to allow easy maintenance of the TMV’s in the future. This meant our engineers working nightshifts to allow the systems to be fully drained down. Pictured here is an example of the installations carried out to replace the 8 central TMV's.

Flexi Hose Replacements

The final stage included the replacement of flexi-hoses throughout site. During our initial visit, all of the flexi-hoses were deemed to be non-WRAS approved, meaning their materials of construction had not been subjected to the rigorous testing required of plumbing materials in the UK. Our engineers therefore removed the flexis and installed new flexi pipes to each location, leaving the site fully compliant.

Flexible Water Pipe


We called in Titan Mechanical Services as we knew that specialist support was needed on this project. Their turnaround times were fantastic, and the new installations were of an excellent standard. A great company to deal with."
thermostatic mixing valves

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