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Drained Water Tank

Leaking Water Tank Repair

The Leaking Water Tank

In this case study, Titan were asked to investigate the problem of leaking sectional tanks within a hospital in London. It was determined that a standard repair would not be sufficient due to the severe degradation of the tank seals, so a complete relining process was suggested as the necessary solution.

Leaking water tank
Inside Water Tank

Draining The Leaking Tank

After arrival, the team of engineers shut off the supply and drained the tanks to commence the water tank leak repair. Upon inspection, they found clear evidence of debonding in the mastic and delamination of the GRP surface, which presented a major hygiene risk, particularly in a clinical setting.

Sealing The Leaking Tank

The team mitigated all contamination and abraded the storage tank panels to improve the profile. A specialist adhesive was applied to seal the mastic joints to prevent future leaks, and dehumidification equipment was used to ensure proper curing conditions were achieved.

Fibreglass Repair
Relined Water Tank

Relining The Leaking Tank

A protective stripe coat was applied to all high-risk areas in the water tank, including bolt heads and joints. Then, two coats of our high-grade, WRAS-approved polyurethane was applied to all internal surfaces through a roller. After the reline had properly cured, the tank was disinfected, re-commissioned and put back into service with a 10-year guarantee for the client. Learn more about our water tank repair service today!


"We were delighted with Titan Mechanical Services approach to the project. Their engineers were excellent in their responsiveness and knowledge of leak repairs. I'd have full confidence using them again."
leaking water tank relined internally

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