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Dead-Leg Pipe Removals

Following a recent legionella risk assessment, a number of legionella remedial actions were required to achieve compliance at this food production plant. As a starting point, all dead legs were to be engineered out of the system or cut back and capped off as close as possible to the live source. In total, three dead leg pipes were identified and removed in a manner that met current dead leg guidance. Within the same plant room, the supply pipework was shortened and the expansion vessel was repositioned as close to the flow of water as possible.

Removed Dead Leg Pipes
Heater Temperature adjustment

Temperature Adjustments

Across a set of three calorifiers, the stored temperatures were elevated to 60ºC, to ensure that return temperatures were achieving at least 50ºC . To provide further thermal protection, 23 metres of cold water pipework and 10 metres of hot water pipework were insulated. This also the performance and energy efficiency levels of the systems. Temperature gauges were also installed on calorifiers 2 and 3, to allow easy monitoring of the stored, flow and return temperatures.

Flexi-Hose Replacements

All flexi-hoses were assessed to ensure they were WRAS approved. Those identified as cheaper non-WRAS approved flexi-hoses were replaced by WRAS-approved hoses, to remove the risk of contamination developing within this pipes.

Flexi Hose Replacement
Expansion vessel replacement

Expansion Vessel Works

This phase required a number of works on the expansion vessels around site. Several of them needed to be reoriented to ensure they were vertical, as well the installation of drain valves and isolation valves to support ongoing maintenance. All works completed using WRAS approved materials and signed off as compliant against current industry guidelines.


"We assumed this these legionella remedial works would take well over a week, but Titans turnaround time was far beyond what we expected. Their quality was amazing, a truly reliable company."
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