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cold water storage tank

Scotland Water Tank Replacement


Titan was called to handle a leaking potable water tank in northern Scotland supplying drinking water to a campsite. After a survey by one of our experienced engineers, the tank was found to be in poor condition and in need of replacement to comply with current legislation. The tank also had damaged panels and supports, posing a risk to its structural integrity, so a full turnkey replacement was deemed the best solution.

Old GRP Water Tank
Cleared Water Tank Space

Removing The Old Tank

Titan's first priority was to install a temporary bypass on the cold-water storage tank to maintain water supply during its replacement. New pipework was disinfected before commissioning to ensure that the water supply was safe for consumption. After this, the team began dismantling the old water storage tank.

Building The New Water Tank

 The existing base was evaluated and levelling steels were installed to provide a solid foundation for the new GRP tank. The new GRP cold-water storage tank was 6m x 2m x 2m and included new screened connections, encapsulated insulation, an access manway, equilibrium drop arm float valve, internal and external ladders, and a raised chamber.

Water Tank Ball Valve
new grp water tank installation

Getting The New Tank Online

The inlet, outlet, and overflow pipework was modified to fit the new installation and then insulated with high-grade insulation. The new structure was treated with an expert water tank cleaning & disinfection, and commissioned into service. The temporary bypass was then isolated and removed and all waste was cleared from the site. See another example of our water tank installations or contact us today to kickstart your project.


Titan have replaced quite a few storage tanks for me across the country without any issues whatsoever. They kept disruption to an absolute minimum, attended site in the early hours of the morning to set up bypass systems so that the sites were not affected by any disruption to the water supply. Upon completion a comprehensive report is always provided as evidence of the fantastic works that Titan have undertaken for me. Highly recommended!
top of a grp water tank

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