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Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Installations

Converting The Hot Water System

In this case study, Titan were challenged with a series of hot water installations within a primary school. The scope included a mains conversion of the hot water system, which meant the bypass and decommissioning of the existing cold water storage tank. However, access to the CWST was deemed unsafe, so the first step was the installation of new loft boarding to create a safe working environment. Once complete, our engineers were able to proceed with the isolation, drainage and decommissioning of the cold-water storage tank. Displayed on the picture is one of the old calorifiers that could now be replaced.

old water heater
hot water cylinder replacement

Replacing The Water Heaters

The old water heater seen in this image was performing poorly and was one of the units earmarked for replacement. For the new heater to be fed from the mains water supply, our engineers needed to carry out significant modifications to the pipework. The existing hot water vessel was replaced with a new 250L indirect unvented water heater capable of handling mains water pressure. The pipework feeding the second hot water vessel was also modified to allow for a feed direct from the new mains supply. A new 90L direct unvented water heater was then installed.

Disinfecting The Hot Water System

On completion, our engineers undertook a full mains disinfection of the whole site, ensuring all parts of the system were thoroughly chlorinated, ready for the new heaters to be commissioned into service.

completed cylinder lagged and labelled.jpg


We were delighted with Titans approach to the project. Their engineers were excellent in their responsiveness and knowledge of hot water systems. I'd have full confidence using them again.

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