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Water Tank Installation - Hospital

Since we first opened our doors, we've set the standard for water tank installations throughout the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service every time, from comprehensive surveys to seamless executions. Our turnkey water tank installation service covers everything from the initial decommissioning to returning your tank into use, saving you time, hassle and additional costs. Through this approach, we've supported the nations leading Facilities Management and blue-chip companies with water tank replacements, so we know what it takes to get your job done right. Take a look at this latest Titan project, where our specialist Engineers carried out a new water tank installation for a hospital in the North of England.

During water tank build process

Preparing For The New Water Tank Installation

To kickstart the installation of the new water tank, our initial step involved the isolation and drainage of the previous cold water storage tank. In addition, our team implemented local isolation valves within the plant room, which significantly improved control over the water supply system. Subsequently, we set up a temporary water tank and established connections to ensure the hospitals water supply would be uninterrupted throughout the project's duration. Following this, our team got to work with dismantling the previous water tank, leaving a space ready for the new water tank installation. The picture below showcases the removal of the old cold water tank.

Dismantled Water Tank

The New Water Tank Installation

After the removal of the previous cold water storage tank, we initiated the construction of the new tank. To accomplish this, we employed a set of GRP tank panels and performed essential adjustments to the piping system to align it with the new setup. The dimensions of the new tank had been evaluated by our team in an earlier survey to ensure it accurately met the hospitals water supply requirements. Following a prompt turnaround, the new water tank was fully installed. In order to surpass our client's expectations, we incorporated elevated compartments, a Keraflo KB model float valve, top access openings, internal and external stairways and screened connections.

grp water tank installation

After The Water Tank Installation

As a feature of our turnkey water tank installation service, our team refilled the newly installed water tank, checked for any potential leaks and then performed a specialist clean and disinfection. As standard, a comprehensive disinfection certificate and completion report were provided to the client through our planning team. The final stage of the project involved putting the new tank into service, which left the hospital with a safe and compliant water storage system.

new water tank installation

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