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Water Tank Replacement - Manchester

In this latest project, our Installation Engineers were tasked a cold water storage tank replacement within a facility in Manchester. After receiving the enquiry from a renowned Facilities Management organisation, we provided a timely response and were able to survey the works the following day. As the tank was reaching the end of it's natural lifespan, was leading to higher energy bills and had a multitude of damage to the panels, we deemed that a turnkey replacement would be the most cost-effective solution.

The stages of a water tank replacement project were as follows:

  1. Assessment: The first step in replacing a water tank was to assess the current system and determine the cause of any problems, in order to identify the most appropriate action plan. This involved the inspection of the tank, pipes, and other components, as well as reviewing the sites water usage and heating needs.

  2. Planning: Based on the assessment, a plan for the replacement project was developed. This included selecting a new appropriate water tank, obtaining the necessary permits and approvals, and scheduling the work.

  3. Preparation: Before the replacement work began, the area around the old water tank was prepared. This included removing any items that could obstruct the work, isolating the water supply and draining the old cold water tank.

  4. Removal: The next step was to remove the old water tank. This incorporated disconnecting pipes and electrical connections, and removing it from its location. The old tank was disposed of properly to avoid any environmental damage.

  5. Installation: The new water tank was then built with new outlet and inlet connections, an access hatch for safer entry and installing a new lever ball valve. Our Engineers then developed a detailed guide for connecting the tank to the system, as this would be fulfilled by members on site.

  6. Testing: After the new water tank was constructed and all associated pipework was attached, our team returned to the site to thoroughly test the storage structure. This included checking the water temperature and pressure, whilst checking for any potential leaks.

  7. Clean-up: The final step in the water tank replacement project was to clean up the work area and return it to its original condition. In addition, our Engineers carried out a professional cleaning and disinfection, ensuring the tank would be safe to recommission into use.

Another day, another satisfied client! To learn more about our specialist water tank services click here! We operate nationwide with over 50 years of water management experience.


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