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RPZ Valve

RPZ Valve Servicing - Testing Specialists

RPZ valves, also known as Reduced Pressure Zone valves, are a crucial component of water systems that prevent backflow of contaminated water. Regular RPZ servicing and RPZ testing is essential to ensure that these valves continue to function properly and protect the water supply from harmful pollutants. Throughout our history, we've supported some of the nations leading Facilities Management and blue-chip companies in the fail-safe testing of backflow devices. At Titan Mechanical Services we offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services for these valves, including RPZ testing, cleaning, and replacing parts as necessary. Our team of experienced technicians uses the latest technology and equipment to provide an efficient and effective RPZ valve service. We can conduct RPZ testing throughout the United Kingdom, armed with a team of WIAPS approved RPZ Valve testers. As a contractor committed to delivering best practice every time, all of our RPZ valve testing procedures are aligned with standards set in Water Undertakers’ Approved Installation Method (AIM). As a testament to our customer-focused approach, our team will produce professional RPZ testing certifications and photographic completion reports for those we serve. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your RPZ testing and ensure the safety and reliability of your water system.

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Why Is RPZ Servicing Necessary?

RPZ servicing is necessary to ensure that the valves continue to function properly and protect the water supply from harmful pollutants. Regular servicing can help detect and prevent potential issues before they become serious.

How Often Should RPZ Valves Be Serviced?

The frequency of RPZ servicing is determined by the manufacturer's recommendations and the level of risk involved. In general, RPZ valves should be tested and serviced annually.

What Happens During Our RPZ Testing?

During an RPZ test, one of our certified testers will evaluate the condition and performance of your RPZ assembly. They will check for leaks, test the pressure differentials, and ensure that the device is functioning as intended. Our tester may also perform additional procedures depending on the specific requirements of the RPZ testing protocol and will produce a certification highlighting all the areas that have been addressed. Our RPZ Testing.

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rpz valve testing

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The team on the day were very cooperative, professional and efficient. The job was completed quickly and all RAMS and CS entry procedures were adhered too. The information requests before the work commenced were all answered quickly and in full. A great service was seen from Titan from start to finish.

David Sutcliffe, Contract & Compliance Manager, EQUANS 

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