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relined water tank

Water Tank Relining

Are you tired of dealing with corroded, leaky or inefficient water tanks? Look no further! Our water tank relining service is the ultimate solution to restore your tanks to peak performance and extend their lifespan. We've specialised in water tank relining, catering to the UK's leading Facilities Management and blue-chip companies. At Titan we utilise our own WRAS-approved polyurethane coating, which offers an unrivalled standard of durability to your water tanks structure. Our water tank lining is perfect for the likes of potable water tanks and can be applied to any tank type through our expert approach to surface preparation. This water tank relining service offers several key benefits to you. First and foremost, it helps prevent leaks, reducing water wastage and potential damage to surrounding structures. Additionally, our relining process enhances the structural integrity of your tanks, making them more resilient to corrosion and wear. Rather than replace your water tank entirely, we offer this cost-effective solution with a 10 year guarantee, as a testament to the quality of our product. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and kickstart your journey with the UK's leading tank reliners!

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What Are The Common Signs That My Water Tank Needs Relining?

Signs that your water tank may require relining include visible rust or corrosion on the tank's interior, evidence of leaks or dampness around the tank, a decline in water quality, or the presence of an unusual taste in the water. If you notice any of these issues, it's essential to have your tank inspected promptly by our team.

How Often Should I Consider Water Tank Relining?

The frequency of water tank relining depends on several factors, including the tank's material, usage and the quality of the initial lining. In general, it's recommended to assess the need for relining every 10 to 20 years, but regular inspections can help determine the specific timeline.

Does Our Water Tank Relining Come With A Guarantee?

Yes! We offer a 10 year guarantee on any water tank we reline. We've offered this since we first opened our doors and is one of the many reasons why our relining service has been so heavily used across the United Kingdom. This can also be extended by a further 5 years.

relined water tank
relined water tank

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The team on the day were very cooperative, professional and efficient. The job was completed quickly and all RAMS and CS entry procedures were adhered too. The information requests before the work commenced were all answered quickly and in full. A great service was seen from Titan from start to finish.

David Sutcliffe, Contract & Compliance Manager, EQUANS 

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