Water Tank Repair

Titan Mechanical Services is a leading mechanical specialist in the water treatment industry. We offer a comprehensive range of services associated with maintaining commercial water systems, including water tank repair and relining solutions.

You might be here after a Legionella risk assessment has identified that you require a water tank repair, or after noticing a change in your water system. Whatever the issue, our mechanical team will be able to provide you with expert advice to determine the best solution for your water tank repair project.

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The basics of water tank repair - Why do I need water tank repair?

Over time, water tanks can suffer from deterioration that will leave your water system at risk of the development of waterborne bacteria such as Legionella and Pseudomonas. This deterioration can be due to a number of different causes including corrosion of the water tank lining, wear and tear of seals and joints or the development of cracks to the internal surfaces of the water tank. When this happens, it is important to act quickly to address the necessary water tank repairs for two main reasons;
Firstly, the deterioration can provide the ideal conditions for the proliferation of Legionella and other waterborne bacteria. Secondly, if the water tank repair is left for too long, a small problem can get worse, increasing the likely cost of the repair or eventually leading to a full water tank replacement. 

Identifying the need for water tank repair

There are several main ways in which a facilities manager may notice the need for water tank repair. The most common and obvious signs that your water tank needs repair are;
Corrosion of the water tank lining, wear and tear of seals and joints or the development of cracks to the internal surfaces of the water tank.
Water pooling near the water tank, or the start of sediment build up in the bottom of the tank.
Rusting or corrosion of any other components of your tank.
A build-up of slime on the inside of the tank.
When these signs are present, it is an indication that you need a water tank repair or replacement. Aside from these indications, you may also be alerted to the need for water tank repair after a Legionella risk assessment. If you are experiencing any of the above issues or suspect your facility may require a water tank repair; our engineers will be able to assess your situation and recommend the most cost effective course of action for you.


Water tank repair reduces the risk of Legionella

As a facilities manager, it is your responsibility to manage the risk of exposure to Legionella and other waterborne bacteria within your systems. If present, Legionella bacteria presents a serious health risk to anyone using the water system in your building. Legionella bacteria thrives in poorly maintained or corroded water systems. Facilities using water storage tanks or any other type of water system are legally obliged to protect their staff and anyone else using their facility from the risks of Legionella bacteria and other forms of waterborne bacteria.
Poorly maintained water tanks are particularly susceptible to the growth of bacteria. The conditions of a poorly maintained water tank provide an optimal environment to feed Legionella bacteria. Substances that occur in water tanks in need of repair or replacement (rust, sediment etc) are a source of food for Legionella, making water tank repair an essential tool in maintaining water hygiene.

Can you repair and reline several water tanks?

If you require multiple water tank repairs or replacements, the Titan Mechanical Services Engineering team can help. We can repair or replace your water tanks as part of a single project, closely managed and delivered by one of our expert project managers. Please get in touch with us for a quote or more information.

Do you offer water tank repair near me?

Yes, we offer water tank repair services across the UK. So regardless of where you are or what type of system you have, our water tank repair engineers can help.

Do I need water tank repair or water tank replacement?

The majority of water tanks can be repaired or relined, meaning a water tank replacement is usually a last resort. Sectional steel tanks, flat steel tanks, GRP tanks, cooling towers, concrete water tanks and many other types of tank can be repaired and relined using our robust, anti-corrosive lining and materials.


What is water tank relining and water tank repair?

As the name suggests, water tank repairs and relining are maintenance works that make improvements to the old tank. Repairs are made to failing components during water tank repair, and the water tank lining is replaced with a new, robust lining during water tank relining. Water tank repairs prevent the need to replace the water tank with a brand new one, offering a more cost effective solution without sacrificing quality.

During water tank repair and relining, we use a high build anti-corrosive coating designed for the efficient long term protection of pumps, valves, pipe fittings and equipment. Our products are WRAS approved for the use in any potable water system.


How much does water tank repair cost?

The cost of water tank repair can vary from site to site. Our engineers will always recommend the best and most cost effective course of action for your water system. You can get a quick quote from our team for water tank repair or relining.


Will my water supply be turned off during water tank repair?

Our Project Management team will work with you to understand the nature of your building and its water supply. Regardless of the timescales involved in your water tank repair, we can provide expert solutions that reduce downtime and keep your facility open throughout the works. This can include installing a temporary tank or mains bypass if required.


CHAS accredited water tank repair

Our engineering team are accredited to the highest standards, with some of the best trained operatives in the industry. By engaging Titan Mechanical Services to support you in resolving your water tank repair project, you will be guaranteed a professional and cost effective solution, supported at every stage by the expert advice of our management team.


Why choose Titan Mechanical for your water tank repairs?

At Titan Mechanical Services we are experts in water hygiene, offering a comprehensive range of mechanical services for your facility. We are renowned in the water treatment industry for maintaining the highest level of service at affordable rates. All engineers are highly skilled in the delivery of water tank repair services, in additional to the raft of other solutions we offer.

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50 years experience

Our team of experts have over 50 years of combined experience, bringing a thorough knowledge of the industry and unrivalled expertise in dealing with a variety of water systems.

Highly Accredited

We are proud to have been accredited to the highest standard for all our services. Please visit our homepage to see a full list of accreditations.

Full suite of services

In addition to the planned remedial work and water system maintenance, we also carry out tank refurbishment and tank reline services that are cost effective and completed to a very high standard.

Nationwide coverage

With a Head Office based near Liverpool, we have teams working up and down the country and have the capacity to carry out Legionella remedial works in the South and South East England, North West, Midlands, South East England, and Wales, North, North East, and Scotland.

How much does water tank repair cost?

Our engineers will always recommend the best and most cost effective course of action for your water system..

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